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The ability to feel and act for the well-being of ourselves, other people, and our planet.

To solve the global problems we face, we must adopt lifestyles that allow us to thrive by regenerating life and human relationships on our planet.

To achieve this, it is essential that the new generations develop active empathy for life (EAV): the ability to prioritize the common good through daily actions that generate well-being for oneself (body, mind, and spirit), other people (those who we love, see and do not see) and our planet (soil, air, water, plants, animals and ecosystems).


Active empathy for life leads us to understand that we are part of a whole, and that when one of its parts is well, we are better off.

Sustainable Development, Sumak Kawsay, or concept we define that results in a better world for people, plants, animals, and ecosystems will only be possible if new generations grow up in connection with the natural world, caring and protecting life. To achieve this, we need Mother Earth as an ally, as well as ancient and scientific knowledge and technology.

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Active Empathy for Life Goals


Objective 1

Promote the right of children and adolescents to grow up in contact with Mother Earth, to love and care for her, and to be loved and cared for by her


Objective 2

Promote the right of Mother Earth for new generations to grow up with her, so she will be loved and cared for, in the present and the future


Objective 3


Valuing and empowering new generations as agents of change


Objective 4


Promote active empathy for life globally

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